About My Abandoned World

Welcome to My Abandoned World. The site was born from a desire to learn more about places which have been left vacant, disused or neglected. These places can range from small, forgotten buildings to entire cities that have been left to decay.

There are many reasons why a place may become abandoned. Some may have been abandoned due to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanoes or hurricanes, while others may have been abandoned due to economic decline, changes in industry or population or simply because the owners and occupants have moved away. My Abandoned World seeks to unravel the mysteries and tell the story behind each location.

Abandoned places can be eerie and unsettling to visit. Some may have dark and sinister pasts. Some may be the subject of ghost stories. Given the atmosphere of decay and neglect, it is no wonder that many of these places are said to be haunted. Perhaps it’s the dark or maybe the stillness. Either way, it seems to intrigue us.

Abandoned places can be fascinating to explore, as they offer a glimpse into the past and the history of the area. Whether it’s a theme park, airport, stadium, hotel, shopping mall, military base or even an entire city, there is a story to be discovered. The recreational activity in which people explore derelict structures is known as urban exploration, or urbex, and is a thriving community.

Some abandoned places have become tourist attractions, drawing visitors from around the world. Others may be off-limits and dangerous to enter, as they may be structurally unsound, contain hazardous materials or be home to wildlife or other dangers.

It’s important to note that exploring abandoned places can be illegal and dangerous, and should only be attempted with proper permission and safety precautions. Additionally, it’s important to respect the history and legacy of these places and to avoid causing damage or further decay. Remember the urban exploration motto – take only pictures, leave only footprints.

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